How do I apply for a Rain Sim Card

Registering for a rain account is a simple and easy process which can be done via the rain website

  1. Once you are on the rain website scroll down to the to the rain shop, select your product and add it to your cart.
    • Customise the name of your SIM
    • Set your spend limt
    • Choose to switch on unlimited off-peak Find out more
    • Select checkout
  2. You will then be directed to the delivery details page where you will provide your delivery address.
  3. After confirmation of your delivery details you will then be directed to the create account page in which you will fill out all the necessary account information for your rain profile.
  4. Once your details have been confirmed you will be directed to the payment page in which you need to enter your debit/credit card number, the name on the card and the CVV number (last 3 digits at the back of the card). An OTP (One time pin) may be required to be entered.
  5. When all details have been confirmed, your order will be placed and delivered to you within 5 business days. An order number will be generated as a reference so that you are able to keep track of your order via your rain dashboard